About Us

About Good Mood

Good Mood Candle Co was born in September 2019 out of a need for clean products in my home. A passion for design. A heart for mental health. And a LOVE of candles! 

From that I’ve created candles that not only smell really freaking good, but are as clean and safe as they can be made! That means not cutting corners. Each candle has 100% soy wax, sustainably sourced wooden wick, non-toxic fragrance above industry standards, and a look and feel that elevates your home. Good Mood scents are custom blended to encourage the mood that you would like to feel, and tied together with the name of each candle. All of our products are hand-made, hand-poured, and personally designed by me from start to finish in sunny St. Pete, FL.

My hope is that you want to use these candles as part of a self-care routine, a beacon of positivity after a long day, or a source comfort and safety in your home.

About Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m a mama, wife, designer, candle maker, Jesus believer, and so much more. Let’s get deep:

In early 2018, I was diagnosed with PCOS (here’s some info if you want to know more), an endocrine disorder affecting reproduction health, fertility, mental health, and a slew of other difficult symptoms. After a year of dealing with infertility, I was ready to do whatever it took to get my health and life back. What unfolded was a long journey that included dealing with lifelong anxiety & depression, having a procedure done on my ovaries, getting diagnosed with hypothyroidism, changing my entire way of eating, and cleaning up the things I brought into my home.

There were some very dark times, as anyone who deals with infertility and other bodily issues can relate to, but there is always beauty from the ashes.

What was born from this time was not only my company, but eventually my sweet boy. It’s more than just candles for me and it always has been. To be able to be a small piece of your life by bringing clean candles into your home, is truly an honor and why I show up every day. 

P.S. You are loved. You are invaluable. You are enough.