Welcome to Good Mood Candle Co!

I'm Rachel, founder and creator of Good Mood Candle Co. I have a passion for beautiful things, delicious aromas, and mental wellness.  I wanted to start a company that provides candles which not only smell great, but also create a space for you to feel however you need to feel. I’ve crafted each scent to gently create the atmosphere and mood you’re trying to foster.

"Every single one I have bought has been amazing. I've tried other natural candles before and they either have no scent or don't burn well. Yours smell up my whole house even before I light them...and that wooden wick is 😍"


I am so thrilled I met you folks. You make such *delicious* candles. I've always disliked sweet, pastry-driven scents and I think you do such a great job with balance."


How to Take Care of Candles

Candles are so easy to take care of and will last much longer if two simple steps are taken.

1. Every time you light your candle, make sure to commit at least 2 hours for burning, and burn until the wax pool reaches the edges. We use 100% soy wax and therefore it has memory and will only ever burn to where it was the last time it was lit!

2. Most importantly, for wooden wicks, ALWAYS TRIM THE WICK before lighting. This is so important because you cannot relight charred wood! So breaking off the burnt bit or using a wick trimmer (the cleanest option), it the way to go! Wick trimmers also make a great gift add-on, and look so pretty with any candle setup.

It's All About The Moods

Clean Burning Candles

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