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Welcome to Good Mood Candle Co!

I'm Rachel, founder and creator of Good Mood Candle Co. I have a passion for beautiful things, delicious aromas, and mental wellness.  I wanted to start a company that provides candles which not only smell great, but also create a space for you to feel however you need to feel. I’ve crafted each scent to gently create the atmosphere and mood you’re trying to foster.

"Every single one I have bought has been amazing. I've tried other natural candles before and they either have no scent or don't burn well. Yours smell up my whole house even before I light them...and that wooden wick is 😍"


I am so thrilled I met you folks. You make such *delicious* candles. I've always disliked sweet, pastry-driven scents and I think you do such a great job with balance."


It's All About The Moods

Clean Burning Candles

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