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Blooming Candle

Blooming Candle

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jasmine • fig • moss

Spring usually makes people think of blooming flowers. But for me it's always felt like a time for possibilities of new. New growth. New understanding. New appreciation. More than the new year, it feels like a time to bloom into a newer version of you.

We've custom blended this candle to help craft a space to bloom! Whether that's journaling and processing, or stepping out in new confidence this soft but powerful Spring candle is ready for it all. Blended with jasmine, fig, and moss, Blooming is a lightly floral and earthy scent that will help you bloom into the beautiful person you are!



• 100% soy wax

• Non-toxic fragrance infused with essential oils

• Sustainably sourced crackling wooden wicks

• Recyclable vessels

• Vegan/cruelty free

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Care Instructions

• Every time you light your candle, make sure to commit at least 2 hours for burning, and burn until the wax pool reaches the edges.

• Most importantly, for wooden wicks, ALWAYS TRIM THE WICK before re-lighting.

For more information, head to our Candle Care tab!


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Customer Reviews

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Avery G
The BEST smell I ever did smell

I’m going to review this scent with a long winded story. Sorry not sorry?

If you’re a TLDR; it’s the best candle I’ve ever had the pleasure of sniffing and you need it right now.

When GoodMood released this as a Mother’s Day candle in 2021 - it was my very first Mother's Day. My husband surprised me with it during my very early postpartum days with my first born (born late April 2021) and we had it lit every day for 2-3 hours until it was gone. I LOVED it. It smelled of gentle flowers and fresh new beginnings - exactly as I was feeling in that moment.

Flash forward to this last fall season (2023) and I did a surprise grab bag at a flea market - Blooming was one of the 3 inside. She had a new name so I didn’t know it was my beloved Mother’s Day candle (lol I’m going DEEP here) - we lit it at home - I was very pregnant at this time with our second baby child- and I was instantly transported back to my early postpartum days with my first born. Got hit with the "WHOA my scent memory is some kind of powerful mood booster” mom feels - so I saved it for the impending postpartum days with my second born and lit that bad boy UP as soon as I was comfy and cozy with my newest babe at home.

I even reached out to Rachel to see if she had a secret stockpile of Blooming I could order - she didn’t but she sure did try to make my dreams come true - and now that it’s Spring time and Blooming is back in stock - my home smells of some of my greatest and fondest memories.

If you’re still reading this, go ahead and buy 1 or 2 or 9.
Not that you will also smell MY greatest and fondest memories but maybe you’ll make some of your own. The least that’ll happen is your space will smell amazing.

TTYL gotta go buy 5 more while I can

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